Oleoresins are the natural extracts of plants and spices containing essential oils and resins. They are used for flavor, fragrance and visual appeal in domestic cooking as well as the food processing industry. These natural, concentrated liquid forms contain volatile as well as non-volatile components that give the natural taste of ground spices and herbs.

Oleoresins Present a Number of Advantages Over the Raw Spice Form
  • 100% natural & free from contaminants
  • Longer Shelf Life:  Due to the negligible moisture content, oleoresins have a longer shelf life compared to spices in the raw, powdered or paste form
  • Economy: 100 kilos of raw spice can be replaced by very few kilos of Oleoresins. This works out to be cheaper than raw spice on flavour-cost basis. Since the storage space required is less it also contributes to warehousing economy
  • Uniformity: Control over a number of parameters ensures that the customer gets a uniform product batch after batch
  • Dispersibility: Oleoresins offer unmatched dispersibility of flavour in the finished product

We offer oleoresins in both oil soluble and water soluble forms. Active principles and volatile oil levels can be adjusted within a range as per customer requirement. We are capable of supplying heat stable, light stable and pH dependent oleoresins.