Multi Grain Mix

(Millets, Pulses & Malted)

Our Multi Grain Mix contains millets and pulses which includes foxtail millet, finger millet, barnyard millet, kodo millet, little millet, great millet, pearl millet, amaranth, green gram, quinoa and flax. All these grains and pulses are sprouted and malted, so that the nutritional value is increased significantly. We use low speed traditional stone grinding and natural malting methods to preserve nutritional value and enhance taste. The ingredient composition of the multi grain mix is designed such that, it will fulfill daily human nutritional requirement for micro, macro, trace minerals and fiber. This mix does not contain any wheat or gluten.

One can make Gruel (jawa), Pancakes (dosa) and Roti with Multi Grain Mix.

Health benefits of Multi Grain Mix
  • Millets helps lower diabetes.
  • Whole grains contain fibre, magnesium and vitamin-E.
  • Millets are a rich source of phosphorus which is an important mineral for energy production
  • High fiber in millets enhance digestion and promote healthy bowel movement.
  • Magnesium from millets also helps protect the cardiovascular system.

Multi Grain Mix is a healthy choice since its composition is based on time-tested traditional Ayurveda that promote good health & wellbeing.

Available Quantity
  • Multi grain Atta is available in consumer pouches of 1 kg, 2 kg, or 5 kg, and for bulk packing in 15 kg and 25 kg with suitable outer pp packing.